Gardening saved me last year

I’ve always loved gardening.

It was a family affair with planting seeds, plants and then pulling weeds throughout the season.

I was so gung-ho the first year I was married with a piece of land to garden. What I hadn’t realized was that growing up there were seven people taking care of the garden, and now, it was just me.

Needless to say I downsized the next year. I learned a lot about square foot gardening and optimizing the space I had, while cutting down on weeding and watering.

I used to garden for the healthier produce but these days I garden for the therapy it gives.

Until last year I only grew veggies, but then I saw a post on Instagram, by chance, that changed everything. A local business was selling cut flower garden packages. For a small fee I could have a flower garden of my own.

Melissa and her flowers literally changed my life. The flowers and their pollinators were a joy every day that we were stuck in lockdown or COVID preventative measures. With her help I created an oasis in my own backyard.

I didn’t understand why it changed things so much but the more I read, the more I realize the many benefits of gardening, physically, mentally and for myself, spiritually.

As a Christian who believes in a Creator, I was in awe of the flowers. The idea that the same Creator who planned every detail of every petal of every zinnia in my garden put effort into my design as well just left me in awe and gratefulness.

Gardening forces us to slow down. You can’t rush weeding because you’ll pull the flowers too. If you don’t take your time picking the flowers, you could break the entire plant.

This article talks about the health benefits of gardening, from less anxiety and pain medication to faster hospital recoveries. One of their studies found Alzheimer’s patients were much more relaxed when they got to spend time in their gardens.

There are other reasons to garden, like getting in the dirt is good for your immune system, and growing your own food is healthier than grocery store produce.

But for me, gardening is about my mental health. Just this morning, I woke up feeling off. I couldn’t shake the foggy sadness I woke up with until I spent some time in my greenhouse with my plants. I am living proof that gardening is good for you.

Now I want to share this experience with others. I’ve launched a ‘plant with me’ program to get people started on their gardening journey and I’ll be releasing more info soon.

Till then, start thinking about what you want to grow this spring!

At the risk of sounding cheesy, let’s plant love peace and joy.

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