Keeping House ‘While Drowning’

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I recently read KC Davis’ book ‘How to Keep House While Drowning’. The main idea that spoke to me was that my home needs to be functional, not necessarily spic ‘n span.

I always thought that if I was a stay at home mom I would be able to keep the house tidy. I’m not sure where that unrealistic thought came from, but boy was I wrong…. I found myself constantly overwhelmed by the work load, and then discouraged by the repetitiveness of it all.

Now, with her help, I’ve changed my housekeeping processes so that they work for me and the way I think.

Here are some examples:

On nights when I don’t have the time or energy to do all of the dishes, I just wash enough bowls and spoons for breakfast the next day. I also clear the table or the island so we have a place to eat. This helps us to start our day well.

I keep a jar with soapy water for utensils on the counter at all times so I’m not fighting with crusty spoons and forks hours later.

I wash one category of laundry a day so I don’t have to put it away in five different rooms when I’m done.

My kids and I have morning and evening duties – a list of things that take 15 minutes or less that help our home to function well.

So often the biggest changes in our life are actually the small changes we make every day. At least that’s what I’m finding in this stage of life.

It was so refreshing to read a housekeeping book from the perspective of someone who understands overwhelm, depression and anxiety. If you’d like to read it as well, click the link here!

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