Systems for Success

“I can’t keep up with the house… I can’t remember the last time Trevor and I had a talk. X is behind in school and I haven’t been able to help him catch up. I am not doing enough, I am not enough.”

The last time I saw Shirley I was very down on myself. I wasn’t insecure, just very aware of my flaws. I wasn’t worried about what other people thought of me, it was myself that needed some work.

I’ve shared in other posts that I needed to find ways to keep going in my downswings, and this is why I went to see Shirley.

I cannot recommend counselling enough, Christian or otherwise. It helps you sort through all the emotions and tricks your brain plays on you.

For instance, after my appointment, I called my doctor about my medication dosage.

Then I had some hard conversations with Trevor about what I was hearing from him. (Which by the way wasn’t at all what he was trying to communicate.)

Next I realized I needed to commit to some routines.

I was overwhelmed by my house. As a mostly stay at home mom, the majority of the housekeeping falls on me. There was so much to do that I just didn’t do anything.

So I googled Cleaning Routines, did some more research and created my own. I focus on a specific room of the house each day of the week and do one load of laundry daily.

I also looked for meal plans until I found one that worked for me. I love this one by Family Fresh Meals!

I was able to tweak things to work for me. I clean the kitchen on Wednesday’s, so then I do groceries on Thursdays because with a clean fridge, I actually know what we need!

It’s been about a month since I started using these systems in our home. As a free spirit, it was stressful at first to have specific things to do each day, but it has changed our lives.

This morning my son was at school early, all the beds were made and the dishes were done before we had to leave the house. Mind you, I didn’t pack my husband a lunch, and there Crayolas all over my living room floor – we won’t even talk about the toothpaste in the bathroom situation – but it’s been my goal to be able to leave the house without any dishes to wash upon my return for quite some time. This morning I finally got it!

I’ve had my share of days I didn’t want to get out of bed since I started this, but breaking it down has kept me going.

It might not be your goal to have your dishes done before you leave in the morning, it might be working out three days a week, or reaching out to friends more consistently. The idea here is to break it down and help you achieve your goals!

I’d love to hear from you! What helps you keep the house tidy? What goals are you working towards, home or otherwise? How can I encourage you?

I’ll be putting up links to all the resources that help me daily shortly! Stay tuned!

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